AUXO Olive Oil is of superior quality, obtained directly from hand-picked Kolovi olives and pressed only by mechanical procedures.

Produced by AUXO olive oil - Lesbos // Plomari // Greece



AUXO Olive Oil is produced by the method of first cold extraction at low temperature (skriv temperaturen) under controlled hygienic conditions. The low temperature enables the oil to keep its intense flavor, wonderful color and all the valuable components of natural olive oil intact.

NOVEMBER harvest

The olives in the AUXO Organic Olive Oil grow in steep olive groves, meaning that the olives get maximum sun exposure, which gives the AUXO Organic Olive Oil an intense flavor (hvad gør det ved smagen??)


JANUARY harvest

The oil is extracted no longer than 12 hours after the olives have been harvested. Together with a high degree of hygienic standards and low acidity this gives the oil its very high quality.